Friday, June 17, 2011

How to do the Knit Butterfly Stitch

I am knitting the preemie sized Butterfly hat. I used double pointed needles. On the first round of the butterfly stitch you will be slipping stitches with your working yarn in front (towards you), follow the pattern for number of stitches to slip. One row of slipped stitches, next row knit all, repeat until you end up with three strands of yarn that look like this.
Make sure that the strands of yarn are held loosely with your work stretched out. If you leave these strands too tight your hat will pucker up. A little slack is better than too tight. Your butterfly stitches will look nice and neat if you can keep the tension the same for all three strands.

Once you have three strand the very next row above you will knit until just before the center of your three strands. Then put your right needle under the three strands.
Do a yarn over.
 Pull the needle back down and out from under the three strands.
Next you will knit the middle stitch, then slip the yarn over over the stitch you just knit. This gets rid of the extra stitch you created with the yarn over.
Continue knitting until the same spot on the next set of three strands and repeat.
 And there you have the butterfly stitch.
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Another hat I knit
This Hat was knit by my pattern tester Marta

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