Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night I started a batch of chicken eggs in the incubator. My husband found a stock pile of eggs in the barn rather than the chicken house where those hens should be laying. We didn't feel comfortable eating them since we didn't know exactly when they were laid. Instead of throwing them out I decided to see if they will hatch.

I warmed the incubator for 24 hours. Ideally they say the temp should be 99.5 degrees with about 60%  - 70% humidity. Last year I kept my digital thermometer at 99 degrees and the chicks started hatching a day or two early. I'm working with the same thermometer this year. The temp throughout the day goes up and down a few degrees so currently I have it at 97 degrees. My thermometer keeps track of the high and low for 24 hours, so far the high has been 99. Last year my high would reach 100 - 101 degrees. When the chicks hatched early, some didn't make it. Also quite a few eggs didn't even hatch even though a baby chick was inside.

This time I also decided not to wash the eggs prior to putting them in the incubator. I found conflicting information on the internet. Most say to wash and sanitize the eggs so you don't contaminate the incubator. I did find just a few sites that say not to wash because it affects the egg shell. So last year I did a few batches that I washed the eggs and one batch where I didn't. I had much more success with eggs that I didn't wash, just placed directly from where I found them into the incubator.

Now if I can just find where the guinea fowl are laying.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This weekend I let my oldest have a couple of friends sleep over as a reward for being so great this week. I couldn't have asked for a better son. Doing all his chores and getting to and sticking with his homework and being a good big brother to his little brother. Then on Saturday my friend and one of the boy's mom from the sleep over came over to visit and hold the baby. She brought her other two boys along as well to play. So we had six boys and my baby girl for over six hours.

One - 10 year old
Two - 9 year olds
One - 5 year old
One - 4 year old
One - 18 month old
One - 11 week old

We visited, boys played and cried and played some more but they all had a great time. Baby girl took a few cat naps through the day but with all the noise didn't sleep like her usual self. Today she is making up for it. She slept for 10 straight hours last night, woke up happy, ate, played on the floor, took a bath and slept again for an hour. Woke up ate and is sleeping again. Life is good!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easter Hat

My little girl keeps growing and growing, so it was time for a new hat. Yesterday I crochet this hat and added one of my knitted roses on the brim. She tested it out on her first stroller ride around the farm.

I started off looking on the web for a lacy type pattern. I found http://thedaintydaisyblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/shell-stitch-beanie.html . So I used the shell stitch pattern I wanted a tighter hat, not so stretchy so it just sits on her head rather than tight like a stocking hat. I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn and a Size G hook. I started off with a I think you call it a magic loop. Wrap the yarn twice around a few fingers, chain stitch through and around the two strands of yarn. Then I did 6 single crochet next to each other on the loop. Next pull the one loop and shortens the other loop. Pull it tight. Then pull the end of the yarn to tighten the second loop. I like starting this way because I always end up with a small hole in the center when I start making stitches in the first chain. Then I followed her pattern of increases. I went one row further since I was working tighter. I decided to add two rows of single crochets with out any increases before I started the shell stitch. Then I started the shell stitch pattern, followed pretty closely to Dainty Daisy's pattern. When I got to the bottom it says to do three rows of single crochet. I did two rows and then to add a brim I did a row of half double crochet. My next row again half double crochets but instead of a normal stitch, I did them around the post of the stitch. Doing this makes these stitches stand out to the side. For my final row I did two half double crochets in to each single stitch place. This gave it a nice wavy edge. To finish it off I added one of my knit rose buds which I just love.  With making all these changes in gauge and the pattern I'm pleasantly surprised it turned out to be just the size I was hoping for.

I'm thinking of adding little ear flaps, to help with the wind. But maybe I'll just do another hat.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I took the simple lacy look dishcloth pattern and used it as a headband. I used half double crochets for first and third row instead of double crochets to make it a little thinner. I also used a lot thinner yarn. I still used cotton but went down to a size 10 cotton thread and size F hook.

chain 61 loosely

Row 1: half double crochet in in chain 59 and all the way across. You end up with 60 stitches counting your turning chain. Depending on your gauge you may need more or less stitches, just make sure to keep an even number. Chain 3 and turn.

Row 2: *Skip one stitch and Double crochet into the next stitch. Double crochet back into the skipped stitch going behind the previous stitch (X stitch) * (repeat between *'s until one stitch left) One Double Crochet. Chain 2 and turn.

Row 3: Half Double Crochet to the end.

Hold both ends together forming the headband and slip stitch through the end stitches in all three rows. It works best to "split" the stitch rather than going in the space. You end up with a finer seam. Pull end through and weave in ends.

I tied on a flower I made over the seam, knotted the yarn but kept the ends long. The headband ended up being a little loose for the big flower. So I threaded the tail of the flower around an X stitch on each side of the seam. Gathered the headband up and tied the tail into a bow which is hidden behind the flower. This way I can let the gather out as my baby girl grows.

Feel free to post pictures of the items you made from my pattern and link back to my blog for the pattern. Please don't copy my patterns to your website or blog, please post a link back to mine. If you have any questions just drop me a note. And please let me know how my patterns work out for you. I love to see pictures. This pattern is my personal pattern and I do not give permission to sell anything you make from my pattern. It is for your personal use only.

Copyright 2011 Dana J White

Friday, March 11, 2011

SmoothFox's Petal Coasters

A few days ago I realized my blog was getting lots of traffic from
So I checked out the site and some of the other free online patterns and just loved this pattern designed by SmoothFox. So last night I whipped one up. The pattern is for a smaller size to be used as a coaster but says you can continue on to make it larger. I added one more row, which I thought would be great for yet again another dish cloth. You should see my kitchen drawer, not a single one alike. I don't know why but I just love hand made cotton dish cloths. I'll have to post one of my knitted ones soon.


I followed the second set of directions for the dish cloth I made. The first two rounds laid smooth my third round puckered up on me a bit which looks great in person but when I tried to smooth it out for a photo I got a few over laps which don't look so great in the photo - but oh well.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Lacy Look Dish Cloth

On August 5th 2011 I am again helping my dad with fundraising for Relay for Life, Hope for a Cure against Cancer. Any donations are greatly appreciated. To donate please click on the link in the upper right corner of my blog which will take you directly to the Relay for Life official site and our personal page. I am working on a butterfly hat pattern which I will be emailing a pdf file of the pattern for every donation if you email me at dana@schuldt.org as well to say you want the pattern and once I confirm the donation so please be sure to use the same email address when you donate as you do when you email me. Butterfly Knit Hat Pattern.

Ok back to Simply lacy Look Dish Cloth Pattern!

Homemade cotton dish cloths are my favorite. They are absorbent and textured great for cleaning dishes, washing off counter tops, and soft enough to be used as a facial wash cloth if you wish.

Yarn: 4 ply worsted weight 100% cotton
I use Peaches & Creme or Sugar and Cream Brands
Hook Size: J/10  6.00 mm
6 DC Stitches = 2” (gauge is not important, as any size will work)
Finished size 9 1/2” x 9 1/2”

Chain 32

Row 1: Double crochet in 4th chain from the hook (3 chains you skip will count as your first stitch) and all across, chain 3 and turn  (counting the turning chain you have 30 stitches across)

Row 2: DC in first 3 DC Spaces, *Skip 1 DC Space, DC in next DC Space, DC back into Skipped Space with your hook going behind previous stitch (forms an X)* Repeat from * until 4 DC spaces remain, DC to the end. (30 stitches) Chain 3 and turn

Up close look at the crochet X stitch

Row 3: DC across, Chain 3 and turn

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 seven times for a total of 17 rows

Finish off by weaving in ends

I think this pattern increased in size would make a great baby blanket done in any type of soft yarn cotton or acrylic.

This pattern is intended for your personal use. This is my personal pattern, permission is not given to sell the pattern, or the items you make.

Copyright 2011 – Dana J White

Feel free to post pictures of your finished items on the internet and link back to my blog for pattern details.