Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Lacy Look Dish Cloth

On August 5th 2011 I am again helping my dad with fundraising for Relay for Life, Hope for a Cure against Cancer. Any donations are greatly appreciated. To donate please click on the link in the upper right corner of my blog which will take you directly to the Relay for Life official site and our personal page. I am working on a butterfly hat pattern which I will be emailing a pdf file of the pattern for every donation if you email me at as well to say you want the pattern and once I confirm the donation so please be sure to use the same email address when you donate as you do when you email me. Butterfly Knit Hat Pattern.

Ok back to Simply lacy Look Dish Cloth Pattern!

Homemade cotton dish cloths are my favorite. They are absorbent and textured great for cleaning dishes, washing off counter tops, and soft enough to be used as a facial wash cloth if you wish.

Yarn: 4 ply worsted weight 100% cotton
I use Peaches & Creme or Sugar and Cream Brands
Hook Size: J/10  6.00 mm
6 DC Stitches = 2” (gauge is not important, as any size will work)
Finished size 9 1/2” x 9 1/2”

Chain 32

Row 1: Double crochet in 4th chain from the hook (3 chains you skip will count as your first stitch) and all across, chain 3 and turn  (counting the turning chain you have 30 stitches across)

Row 2: DC in first 3 DC Spaces, *Skip 1 DC Space, DC in next DC Space, DC back into Skipped Space with your hook going behind previous stitch (forms an X)* Repeat from * until 4 DC spaces remain, DC to the end. (30 stitches) Chain 3 and turn

Up close look at the crochet X stitch

Row 3: DC across, Chain 3 and turn

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 seven times for a total of 17 rows

Finish off by weaving in ends

I think this pattern increased in size would make a great baby blanket done in any type of soft yarn cotton or acrylic.

This pattern is intended for your personal use. This is my personal pattern, permission is not given to sell the pattern, or the items you make.

Copyright 2011 – Dana J White

Feel free to post pictures of your finished items on the internet and link back to my blog for pattern details.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this quick and easy pattern. These have made some beautiful homemade gifts for friends and family.

DJWhite said...

You are welcome.

Kristen Thomas said...

I worked your pattern as directed a couple of times and it was not working out for me even though my stitch count was correct. After reworking it the only way I could get 30 doubles was to chain 31 not 32. Were you counting the chain 3 as your beginning double stitch?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I really like the pattern. Can't wait to try a baby blanket!

Laurie Sue said...

tKristen, in my experience that first chain is always your first "something" of the next row. If you chain three and turn that chain three is your first double crochet so yes, the last chain of 3 is going to be the first double stitch of the second row.

Dana White said...

Thanks Laurie Sue for answering Kristen Thomas question. I saw it come through a while back and had fully attended to check it out, however, life got a little over whelming and I didn't get back here. SORRY!

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you for this pattern. It is my first dishcloth (as the other pattern I found I couldn't get my head round and so unpicked) and such a lovely pattern. The 'twist' makes it interesting to do and so it seems to crochet up really quickly.
Alix of Bigbluebed

Heather said...

I'm having the same problem as Kristen..the only way I can get 30 after the first row of DC, is to chain 31 not 32. I went ahead and tried to go on to row 2 and it did not come out right. This pattern looks pretty; any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

Dana White said...

I'm thinking maybe Row 1 should say DC in 4th chain from the hook. If you look at my chart, I use 3 chains to count as the first stitch in each row.

I'll make that change, I think that is what's wrong. Sorry for the confusion.