Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stained Glass Window Replacement Project

A New Stained Glass Window for a TV Entertainment Center Door.

I traced the shape through the opening on to a piece of poster board. Then I measured the overhang on the wood door, and added this measurement to my traced shape. I cut out the shape along the most out side line.

I test fitted the poster board into the opening to make sure it fit very well. Make sure everything fits just how you want it to. Then proceed drawing your pattern. Remember that some of the edge of the project will be hidden by the wood on the door. Just don't have any detailing or beveled glass get hidden behind this edging. From here on out the project is just like any other stained glass project.

Here is a picture of all the glass cut and numbered before I started putting the copper tape on the edges.

Up Close Picture of the completed project.

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