Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eagle Trouble

This young bald eagle is stalking my ducks. I saw him out the front window this morning sitting on one side of the creek. Then he would fly and try and hover over the creek, and then land on the other side. He did this numerous times. So I finally I took my camera and walked out to get a closer look. That is when he flew by me and I snapped this photo.

I found three of my ducks without a care in the world, cleaning and flapping in the water. None of them seemed to care that the young eagle was trying to figure out how to catch them.

Since I scared the eagle away from these three, he flew to the ponds where my other ducks were hanging out. So I walked over to check on them. They too seemed completely oblivious to the presence of the eagle. 

As I approached these seven ducks the eagle flew back up the valley. Just then another eagle came from the direction of the river and flew very low right over my head and up the valley where the first one had went. Then wouldn't you believe it one more. This one was flying high.

I remember last fall. This mama eagle was training three very young ones in our field across the creek just after Tony cut down hay. Well I think they returned. I hope my ducks learn to take cover like the chickens do.

The heifers were very curious as to what I was up to walking all over the pasture so early in the morning.

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