Friday, April 1, 2011

Eggs, Eagles, and Calves

My 5 year old James and I candled the chicken eggs today. We started out with 24 eggs my husband found in the barn. We ended up tossing 8 eggs today that looked clear when we candled them over a flash light. The other 16 have an distinct dark area covering over half the egg. A little worse percentage than when I pull fresh eggs from the nest boxes, but all in all not bad since we don't know how old the eggs were, and it was pretty cold around her the few nights before we found them. James is getting really excited to see them hatch.

We also started watching the Bald Eagles in Decorah IA web cam. He was hoping to see those babies hatch out today. No luck so far.

It was a bad day on the farm for our second calf born. His mama abandoned him last night in the cold. She never cleaned him up just left him lay. When my husband found him this morning at 7:30 he couldn't get up. He came to the house and yelled in, "Could you please clear a spot in the basement for a calf." (Interesting thing to hear - I had to go check to make sure I heard him right.) He came in carrying the little thing to put in front of the wood stove. When he first came in he was mooing so loud James kept covering his ears. My little girl didn't know what to think of it. We dried and dried for an hour. But it wasn't soon enough, the poor little guy died. What a sad start to the day.

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