Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh the chicken eggs

Well I had about the worst luck imaginable with the chicken eggs. On Saturday night we took the turner out. When I placed the cover back on I didn't realize one of the windows was loose. Sunday morning when I got up it was 90 degrees in the incubator. However, I could hear one of the chicks peeping from inside the egg with a tiny hole started. I fixed the window put some warm water in the tray to heat it up quicker. With in an hour the temp was back up to 97 degrees. The chick hadn't made any progress but was still talking. We left for the cities around noon. I checked on them again. Still no changes, the temp was good and the humidity was 85%. We returned home about 11:30 Sunday night I checked on them about 12:30, and we had three very wet baby chicks, and three more just starting to make holes. I left them in the incubator so they could dry out. When I woke up at 6am, there was no noise. For some unknown reason the incubator over heated, all my babies had died. Terrible bad luck on this batch of chicks.

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