Sunday, March 20, 2011


This weekend I let my oldest have a couple of friends sleep over as a reward for being so great this week. I couldn't have asked for a better son. Doing all his chores and getting to and sticking with his homework and being a good big brother to his little brother. Then on Saturday my friend and one of the boy's mom from the sleep over came over to visit and hold the baby. She brought her other two boys along as well to play. So we had six boys and my baby girl for over six hours.

One - 10 year old
Two - 9 year olds
One - 5 year old
One - 4 year old
One - 18 month old
One - 11 week old

We visited, boys played and cried and played some more but they all had a great time. Baby girl took a few cat naps through the day but with all the noise didn't sleep like her usual self. Today she is making up for it. She slept for 10 straight hours last night, woke up happy, ate, played on the floor, took a bath and slept again for an hour. Woke up ate and is sleeping again. Life is good!

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