Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easter Hat

My little girl keeps growing and growing, so it was time for a new hat. Yesterday I crochet this hat and added one of my knitted roses on the brim. She tested it out on her first stroller ride around the farm.

I started off looking on the web for a lacy type pattern. I found . So I used the shell stitch pattern I wanted a tighter hat, not so stretchy so it just sits on her head rather than tight like a stocking hat. I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn and a Size G hook. I started off with a I think you call it a magic loop. Wrap the yarn twice around a few fingers, chain stitch through and around the two strands of yarn. Then I did 6 single crochet next to each other on the loop. Next pull the one loop and shortens the other loop. Pull it tight. Then pull the end of the yarn to tighten the second loop. I like starting this way because I always end up with a small hole in the center when I start making stitches in the first chain. Then I followed her pattern of increases. I went one row further since I was working tighter. I decided to add two rows of single crochets with out any increases before I started the shell stitch. Then I started the shell stitch pattern, followed pretty closely to Dainty Daisy's pattern. When I got to the bottom it says to do three rows of single crochet. I did two rows and then to add a brim I did a row of half double crochet. My next row again half double crochets but instead of a normal stitch, I did them around the post of the stitch. Doing this makes these stitches stand out to the side. For my final row I did two half double crochets in to each single stitch place. This gave it a nice wavy edge. To finish it off I added one of my knit rose buds which I just love.  With making all these changes in gauge and the pattern I'm pleasantly surprised it turned out to be just the size I was hoping for.

I'm thinking of adding little ear flaps, to help with the wind. But maybe I'll just do another hat.

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