Friday, March 11, 2011

SmoothFox's Petal Coasters

A few days ago I realized my blog was getting lots of traffic from
So I checked out the site and some of the other free online patterns and just loved this pattern designed by SmoothFox. So last night I whipped one up. The pattern is for a smaller size to be used as a coaster but says you can continue on to make it larger. I added one more row, which I thought would be great for yet again another dish cloth. You should see my kitchen drawer, not a single one alike. I don't know why but I just love hand made cotton dish cloths. I'll have to post one of my knitted ones soon.

I followed the second set of directions for the dish cloth I made. The first two rounds laid smooth my third round puckered up on me a bit which looks great in person but when I tried to smooth it out for a photo I got a few over laps which don't look so great in the photo - but oh well.

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